About Renee

About Remarkably Renee-Handmade Jewelry Designer

Renee Howard-Remarkably Renee-Owner Jewelry Designer,whose jewelry scream "Original & Remarkable"

As the Owner/Jewelry Designer, Renee is absolutely great to work with. She's very detail oriented, honest, hard working, gracious and produces a great jewelry design!  Her designer jewelry is always ONE of a Kind. She puts so much thought into each jewelry design and truly makes it for each individual. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Handmade Jewelry in Bold & Beautiful Colors

Renee's handmade jewelry designs are Bold & beautiful with colors that scream Remarkable & Unique!

From color to style and beyond, Renee's unique handmade jewelry designs will always be yours, and remarkably yours alone.  

From Picture to Handmade Jewelry Design

Go ahead. Send Renee a picture of the fashion style that you want handmade jewelry to coordinate with & you'll see just how easily she can design jewelry to match Your personality & style!

Designer Jewelry

Just for Fun

In 2009, Renee borrowed a booklet on "How to Make Handmade Jewelry," bought a few cheap beads & 4 days later, with 10 jewelry designs completed, ALL sold within 30 minutes of the first showing.

Uniquely Designed Jewelry

From That point forward, Renee was encouraged to put her Unique handmade jewelry in local shops & to pursue handmade jewelry as more of a business, than a hobby.

Oscars Dinner Gala/NYC Fashion Week

4 years later, Renee received an invitation to a Golden Globe event, where celebrities showed their Love for her handmade jewelry. From there, Renee was invited to the Oscars Dinner Gala & NYC Fashion Week, and Remarkably Renee was created.

Renee continues to expand her creativity and jewelry design with every new handmade jewelry set.

Call or Text Today & let Renee show jewelry designs to match your personality & style.